Crime down in South Yorkshire

Crime down in South Yorkshire

It is positive news that crime is falling in South Yorkshire – by 14% since 2010.

The latest figures come from the independent Crime Survey of England and Wales.

In England and Wales this means that in the last year, compared with the year before this Government came to power, there were:

• More than 2.3 million fewer crimes.
• 160,000 fewer homes burgled.
• 290,000 fewer vehicle crimes.
• 413,000 fewer violent crimes.
• 962,000 fewer incidents of criminal damages.

The Government is following an action plan to tackle crime and make South Yorkshire a safer place to live. Crime has fallen by 14% in South Yorkshire and this is thanks to our plan and the hard work of police officers. It means families are safer and more secure, something I will work to ensure continues as Police and Crime Commissioner.