Every Vote Counts

Hallam is a three horse race, so every vote counts. Of the three in the running, I am the only one born, bred and still living in Hallam. Married 30 years, we brought up our four children here.

People tell me they want an MP who has a track record in the real world, not another career politician.

I’m an engineer and have spent most of my life in Sheffield industry creating employment and exports.

I have always given back to the city I love: I was a Director of Sheffield’s NHS Health Authority, I’m a school governor and trustee of two local charities.
As Chairman of Sheffield’s Training and Enterprise Council, supporting small businesses and apprentices, I helped secure £2bn of EU funding for South Yorkshire. Now that has dropped to just £157M for Sheffield. We need an MP with fire in his belly to fight for Sheffield and our fair share of Northern Powerhouse funding.

Sheffield needs a Conservative voice in parliament. The latest Survation poll puts the Conservatives and LibDems neck and neck and an earlier, corrected, Ashcroft poll put us ahead. However this election is about people, not numbers.

The coalition is over and the LibDems could well form one with Miliband. A Conservative majority is the only way to guarantee stopping Labour. We only need 23 more seats. Let Hallam, where we came second last time, be one of them.

Don’t vote out of fear, vote for something positive and for someone you can trust.