More evidence of why we’re fighting hard in Sheffield Hallam

Probably the most common question I have faced since becoming the Conservative candidate for Sheffield Hallam from the media is ‘why are you standing here when you’ve no chance of winning’. Interestingly, it’s very much a media question rather than one I get on the street. And when you look at the latest Survation poll, and revised figures from one of Lord Ashcroft’s constituency polls, you can see why.

When you take out the ‘don’t knows’ from the figures in his poll conducted in November (page 4 of this fieldwork), you can see that Conservatives are six points ahead of the Liberal Democrats. That shows clearly why we’re fighting Sheffield Hallam to win – this is a seat where Conservatives have a proud and strong history, we know many voters who previously opted for Nick Clegg are coming back home to us and we’re confident our strong messages are being heard on the importance of growing our economy, standing up for Sheffield and having the integrity that means you can trust what we say.