Why we’re fighting hard for Sheffield Hallam. And can win.

Why we’re fighting hard for Sheffield Hallam. And can win.

There have been a number of reports in the media lately saying that the Conservatives are not serious about Sheffield Hallam. My response is quite simple – they are wrong and we are.

The latest polls have put the Conservatives neck and neck with the Liberal Democrats in a seat never won by Labour and where we came second last time when Nick Clegg was on a high.

Every time I go onto the doorstep now I hear concerns about the broken promises from the Liberal Democrats and concerns about the prospect of getting Ed Miliband as the Prime Minister of our country.

People here are fed up of being taken for granted and of not having their views listened to – they voted for Nick Clegg because they believed he would fight for Sheffield and defend his pledges.

While he may have taken a brave decision for the future of country five years ago – one for which I personally respect him hugely, he is not the right person to represent Sheffield Hallam for the next five years.

Neither though is the Labour candidate – quite simply, a vote for him is a vote for Ed Miliband to get the keys to 10 Downing Street, and that is a prospect which is too scary to contemplate.

So my message to the media is that voters in Sheffield Hallam should not be underestimated – don’t call this a two horse race because it isn’t.

On May 7th, I believe they will vote on the issues that matter to them in their constituency and for a person who will stand up for them. As someone born and bred in Hallam, and who has invested in Sheffield throughout my career, I believe I am that person. And every day between now and when polls close I will be talking, listening and acting to prove that.