Thank you for your support

Thank you very much for your support during the election campaign in Sheffield Hallam.

Whilst we did not achieve the breakthrough here that we still hope and plan for, the position nationally has worked out so much better than many had expected. This we can all celebrate as it gives us the opportunity to finish the task of eliminating the deficit and to continue to rebuild our country, now unencumbered by coalition politics.

There was clearly a huge tactical vote in Hallam to prevent a Labour win here and to save Nick Clegg – following polls indicating that there would be a hung parliament. Indeed, the Lib Dem campaign proactively targeted traditional Conservative voters to vote for Nick Clegg, purely on the grounds that not doing so might let in a Labour candidate and jeopardise a possible coalition with the Conservatives.

However now that the Conservative Party has secured such strong nationwide support, not reliant on coalition partners, I am confident that in a future election we can return this seat to the Conservatives.

I will be meeting with campaign colleagues shortly to review the effectiveness of our campaign and to learn lessons for the future. If you have any thoughts yourself, I would be keen to hear them so that we can do better next time.