Let’s Trust The People

The great thing about standing as a candidate for the elections on Thursday (22nd May) is the opportunity to meet so many people and to hear their concerns and things they are happy about.
There is much that is going well in our great city of Sheffield. We have a wonderful health service that most of us value when we, or our relatives, need it.
I was at a meeting earlier this week in support of Museum Sheffield where we learnt that 100 years ago Sheffield was one of the most significant cities in the world, then 50 years ago lost its way, being gripped by a lethargy of many expecting others to do everything for them. Now there is a resurgence of innovation, energy and entrepreneurship that we all want to encourage so that Sheffield again becomes a city respected worldwide.
The UK government has worked hard, and successfully, to attract wealth creating business to the UK (or back to the UK) and we need to do more of this in Sheffield.
This means that we need a culture in our city government that it is there to help people, not get in their way.
Only by allowing the city to get on with wealth creation, to the benefit of customers and society in general, will we be able to grow the health and eduction services we all need.