Lib Dem double standards on tuition fees

I read with incredulity that the Lib Dems would veto Labour’s proposed £3000 per year cut in student fees should these two parties form any power sharing deal after the General Election

The Lib Dem mantra that “Nick Clegg only backed down over this issue to help David Cameron” is now fully debunked. However I believe the real issue is authenticity and integrity. Ed Miliband ssaid that Nick Clegg’s U-turn on tuition fees “left a whole generation doubting politics – doubting anyone can be believed or trusted”.

Fortunately it looks like change is on its way. Matthew Parris, in his recent Times leader, identified that support for Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam is now “haemorrhaging” and that Nick Clegg “looks like losing”.

Mr Parris also pointed out that the latest poll for Sheffield Hallam now put the Conservatives and Lib Dems “neck and neck”.

I would urge voters to look carefully at the character and track record of their candidates when voting in May and believe they will see that it is indeed time for a change in politics.