On 22 May - Make Your Vote Count

On 22 May – Make Your Vote Count

I have decided to stand for election as your local councillor as I believe there are too many career politicians in local government and this city needs a “down to earth” and pragmatic approach to deal with its challenges and so that we don’t ignore the many opportunities in front of us.
In my canvassing in Fulwood I have met many, like me, who have become disillusioned with the way in which both Labour and the Liberal Democrats have run this city in recent years.
Neither the Conservatives nor the Liberal Democrats can win control of the council at this election, but I commit to you that, if elected, I will work tirelessly to bring a common sense approach and probity to the proposals, decisions and running of the council.
I am an engineer, who has also worked in the NHS and have started two engineering companies – providing local jobs and export earnings.
I was born in Fulwood in 1958 and would be honoured to have the opportunity to serve you and give something back to this city.
If elected, in addition to bringing challenge to the council’s proposals, I will fight for the areas that you have told me you are not happy with:-
  • Better and more timely investment in our local road infrastructure
  • Better and more reliable bus services to Fulwood and real time information on delays to be displayed at bus shelters
  • Ensure the council ceases “giving up” on collecting unpaid debts, now escalated to £31M
  • No more reductions in refuse collection frequency (one labour council is proposing monthly!)
  • Protecting our Greenbelt and ensuring trees felled for safety reasons and in fact replanted
  • Fight further closures of community centres
  • Protect the investment in our schools and ensure the current inefficient and unfair allocation processes are overhauled
  • A more caring and less bureaucratic system for supporting the elderly when in need.
We don’t want any more disasters like the Don Valley Stadium fiasco!
Please support me on 22nd May and we’ll start to make a difference.
If you have any more questions, please do get in touch with me by calling 07585 144 672 or e-mailing ian@iangwalker.co.uk.