My message to Sheffield Hallam

It’s now near the end of a long election campaign and we are all looking forward to a new government being formed soon.

Not only is this election very close, it is also hard to predict the outcome. Normally at this stage in a campaign around 10% of voters are undecided, but this time it is still around 40%. This helps to explain why the polls are all over the place, even in Hallam – with some showing us ahead of Lib Dems, some neck and neck, some behind. This week’s Electoral Calculus prediction puts Conservatives ahead of Labour, but predicts a Lib Dem hold: Hallam

My message to you is exactly the same as David Cameron’s of yesterday, when he was asked by the BBC about saving Nick Clegg: “I have a clear message for anyone in a Liberal Democrat-held seat and this is vote Conservative” Cameron continues: if you vote Lib Dem “you don’t know what you’re going to get” (Cameron on Clegg).

We know that Clegg is fearful of losing by the flood of his leaflets. If you don’t trust Clegg and want to see Hallam return a local Conservative candidate, then please vote for me. I would also say, don’t take everything the Lib Dems have been telling you at face value. We came second last time in Hallam, when Clegg was on a high. Now is the time for us to retake the seat, which we can if we stick together. The Lib Dems are wanting you to vote out of fear. I would encourage you to be true to yourself and vote for something you actually believe in and for someone who has integrity and can be trusted to have Sheffield’s best interests at heart.

Please spread the word. Let’s stick together and bring back integrity and authenticity to Hallam, not another career politician.