My response to the poll showing Nick Clegg behind in Sheffield Hallam

My response to the poll showing Nick Clegg behind in Sheffield Hallam

I have written a letter to the press about the new poll showing Nick Clegg behind in Sheffield Hallam:

The article “Poll puts Clegg adrift in fight to keep seat” demonstrates the continuing decline in his support in Sheffield Hallam. The LibDems have been airbrushing him out of national literature for some time and are now doing so locally.
The reason is that voters feel let down by a lack of integrity and well trumpeted, then broken, promises.

I am a Northern Conservative and Yorkshire folk are straight talking people, inherently suspicious of career politicians.

Clegg is akin to an absentee landlord. My vision is that the norm in politics should be for constituents to be represented by one of their peers, who actually use the local schools, hospitals, district nurses, transport etc. and are rooted in the community.

The Conservatives came 2nd in Hallam at the last election in what was a Conservative seat for over 70 years before it went LibDem. I don’t see Labour winning it when the chips are down and we are now just 1% behind the LibDems in the poll. As your article intimated, if Clegg were to retain it, Hallam voters could be let down yet again by Clegg letting Milliband in by the back door!

My advice would be if you want David Cameron as PM, vote Conservative, if you want Ed Miliband, vote Labour. At least with these 2 parties you know what you’re getting. If you’d rather toss a coin, vote LibDem.