‘Time to think about a merger for South Yorkshire Police’

Ian says that the time has come to think about a merging South Yorkshire Police with another force.

Following a week of fresh revelations about the Police’s role in allegedly failing to act upon child abuse allegations in Sheffield, the Police and Crime Commissioner has ordered a full-scale inspection.

However, Mr Walker, who was the Conservative candidate in last year’s by-election for the role, says that enough is enough and consideration must now be given to merging with a neighbouring force.

He attended the Police Federation’s meeting for Parliamentary Candidates at a meeting in Westminster last week – the only candidate from Sheffield Hallam to attend – and heard about the excellent work and continued challenges frontline officers face.

Mr Walker said:

“Like many from South Yorkshire, I feel the name of ‘South Yorkshire Police’ is tarnished which is unfair on the hardworking frontline police officers who are exposed to continued criticism for the awful police leadership failures of the past.

“My judgement is that it is now time to explore the merging of South Yorkshire Police with an adjoining force so the past can be put behind us and the management savings put towards investment in the frontline, the officers we see and trust on our streets day in day out.”