I know that technology can have a vital role in improving our lives, our environment and our city.
As an engineer, I have been keen to be at the forefront of advances in renewable energy. The company I started over 10 years ago has played a key role in installing this technology, harnessing the power of the free natural resource of the wind (of which we get a lot) and the sun (of which we don’t have quite so much).
We have installed renewable technology throughout Yorkshire and beyond but I know that in order to get people to buy into harnessing this energy, we need to make sure that the equipment is as affordable as possible and doesn’t burden energy users with even heftier bills in the future.
My company also makes and services metal handling and recycling equipment which means more of our waste can be re-used cost effectively. This is something we need to do more of across our city but we must make it easier for residents and businesses to recycle to allow that to happen.