visionhealthHealth services are so important in this country and it is because of the fact that none of us know when we may need health services that I have been so keen to be involved in developing health services for Sheffield, for South Yorkshire and the whole region.
I have been lucky enough to see for myself the quality of care, service, people and facilities that exists in the NHS. However, with such a complex organisation, it is vital a culture of high standards exists and that when things do go wrong they are dealt with swiftly, professionally and openly.
That desire to see good governance led me to become a director of Sheffield Health Authority in 2000. Over the 13 years I spent as a Non-Executive Director in the NHS I developed a passion for the NHS and its challenge to apply ever more clever medicine.
My roles led me from Sheffield to South Yorkshire, to Yorkshire, to finally the NHS North of England, where I chaired the audit committee, helping to ensure good governance and use of resources.
I believe there is still much work to be done in the city regarding health improvements, not least to further reduce health inequalities amongst the population. Two of my other passions are to see fewer mixed sex wards and better nursing training have been achieved during my time as a Non-Executive Director of the Health Authority.
A few years ago I joined the more than 7,000 who have become Members of Sheffield Hospitals Trust. I would encourage others to engage in this way too.