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Useful Links- - is one of the most trusted medical resources in the UK, supplying evidence based information on a wide range of medical and health topics. - Iapt services helpline numbers. - information and advice about mental health. - helping those affected by mental health. - help and advice for suffers of panic attacks. – help and information about depression. A free self help cognitive behavioural therapy online course. - advice on relationship/ separation/family therapy. - bereavement care & advice. - support and advice for eating disorders. - national organisation supporting families affected by drugs or


www.downyourdrink.orginformation on cutting down your drink. - local meeting directory for AA. – for any one concerned about there drinking. and drug rehabilitation. - NHS website for anxiety/depression. - Free online cognitive behavioural therapy website.

Counselling Directory Websites

BACPBritish Association For Counsellors and Physiotherapist. Find a therapist directory.  - Find Counselling Services is a large website that lists all Counselling Services in the UK.