joe-cassidy_headshotJoe Cassidy  (Mr White)  

Joe has a huge array of acting experience and has appeared in some of Scotland’s most celebrated films and shows, including Bafta winning feature Crying With Laughter, NEDS, High Times, Stacked and web-series The Crews.

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martin-haddowMartin Haddow (Mr Brown)

Martin Haddow was born in Paisley and for obvious reasons is St. Mirren daft.  Also a writer of short stories Martin trained in acting at Reid Kerr before completing his degree at UWS in Ayrshire.  Within his short career a highlight for Martin was working in Germany for 2 years performing theatre shows for school kids.

His screen credits include a major role in an episode of Scotlands premiere crime show Taggart.  He was also involved with indie projects such as The Bench and The Crews.  Martin has many more theatre shows under his belt and has a number of London shows coming up soon.


tam_headshotTam Hetherton (Mr Pink)

Tam Hetherton got his first taste of acting in Braveheart fighting alongside Mel Gibson and Brendan Gleeson.  During filming Tam was part of the formation of a band that played tribal, pipe and drum music between takes.  After the film, the group became a touring band called Clan Wallace - of which Tam is still a key member.

Since Braveheart, Tam has gone on to work as a featured fighter on films such as King Arthur and has appeared in a national Speed Awareness Commercial that played in Televisions and Cinemas nationwide. Other credits includes roles in the Scottish Bafta Winning Short Scene and web series The Crews.


john_loveJohn Love (Nice Guy Eddie)
Paisley Born John Love has been acting for 10 years.  He started with the Trinity theatre Group before moving on to act with the STG at the Ramshorn Theatre, where he went from playing supporting roles to leading roles.  It was here that he met Reservoir Dugs director Colin and went on to work with him and the rest of the cast of Reservoir Dugs on web series The Crews.



Recently John has had some success playing Jack in the stage show of Still Game.  John is currently in rehearsal for The Merchant of Venice to play at The Lost Theatre in London November 2013..



ross_maxwellRoss Maxwell (Mr Orange)

Stirlingshire actor Ross Maxwell has a large number of screen credits to his name.  Ross first collaborated with Reservoir Dugs director Colin in the 2006 short film, Darkness, as well as taking on a major role in web series The Crews.

Ross has also featured in movies ranging from Sean Wilkie’s micro budget feature, Pondlife, to Bryan Larkin’s festival success Running in Traffic.

Also an avid writer, Ross has written three shorts and is currently working on his first feature script.


dave-mclureDave McClure (Mr Blue)

Dave has had a long career in music and television. He worked for many years as Mark McManus’s double in gritty crime drama, Taggart as well as being a regular on Rab C Nesbitt. Daves most recent acting stint was as DS Tam Monroe in Scottish web series The Crews.

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andrew-mcintosh-headshotAndrew McIntosh (Mr Blonde) 

Born in Yorkshire to Scottish parents, Andrew has lived and worked in Glasgow for the last 12 years. First working as a cook, then moving on to Youth Work, means that Andrew has developed a skillset which suits the busy, challenging and changeable field of acting.

Andrew has taken on many guises in this capacity and most recently he has ventured into the world of comedy and script writing, premiering his first film script and subsequent stage play, both featuring comedy character “Mad” Mitch. For more information on Andrew’s work please visit:


jim-sweeney-headshotJim Sweeney (Joe Cabot)

Hailing from Greenock in Scotland, Jim has several years acting experience and many more years life experience. Jim has become a familiar face on the circuit and some recent success includes bagging prestigious screen time in Ken Loach’s The Angels Share and along side Martin Compston in The Wee Man.

For more information please visit his website