Traffic Fines

Traffic Fines

Zimbabwe Road Traffic Fines

Please note, the fines displayed below are according to the The Road Traffic Act Chapter 13.

If you have any queries or complaints relating to road traffic fines call:

Police Complaints Hotline 04 703 631

Fail to...

Obey left/right turn arrows $10
Display current vehicle licence $10
Produce insurance $10
Produce documents within 7 days to Police $20
Produce documents within 7 days to VID $10
Licence vehicle registered vehicle-all classes $10
Display registration mark and Number OR its illegible $20
Display new registration number plates $15
Notify change of ownership - 14 days $10
To keep to the left of the road when approaching or meeting another traffic $10
Signal – slow down, stop turn left or right $10
Stop – minor accident $20
Stop – serious accident Court


Front plate/registration mark and number $10
Rear number plates/registration mark and number $15
Rear Number plate light $20
Drivers licence $20
Insurance $10
White front reflectors $10
Red rear reflectors $10
Red “T” on rear trailer $10
Motor vehicle + Trailer longer than 8 metres – No amber side reflectors @ 4mt – each $20
Red triangles $15
Horn or abuse of horn or fail to use horn $10
Stopping, No parking, no left or right turn $20

Vehicle Defects:

No headlights, one headlight or no side lights $20
No reverse lights $20
Headlights causing dazzle $15
No dip switch $10
Foot brakes not working $20
Hand brakes not working at all – max $15
Unable to keep vehicle still when brake applied $15
No windscreen wiper $5
Windscreen not providing clear undistorted vision $10
No exhaust silencer $10
Inefficient exhaust silencer $5
Causing excessive smoke $10
Leaks of oil and fuel onto road $5
Dangerous tyre – canvas showing – per tyre $5
No Safety belt $5


Over speed limit by 1-5km/hr Caution
Over speed limit by 6-15km/hr $5
Over speed limit by 16-25km/hr $10
Over speed limit by 26-35km/hr $15
Over speed limit by 36-50km/hr $20
Over speed limit by 50km/hr+ Court


Proceed against no left turn $20
Proceed against no right turn $20
Proceed against red robot $20
Proceed against amber robot $10
Turn right from straight ahead lane $20
Encroach over white line at a robot $10
Cross or straddle yellow edge of carriageway line except to stop or overtake traffic turning right $10
Fail to stop at flash lights – Railway crossing $20
Overtaking over solid white line $20
Overtake on the wrong side $15
Double parking $10
Stop or park within 7.5 mt. of intersection $15
Fail to give way to right-uncontrolled intersection $15
Cut corner when turning right $10
Spit in or from vehicle $5
Discard rubbish fro vehicle $5
Abusive behaviour $10
Use license issued to another vehicle $20

Axles Overloading (KGs):

1-50 $10
51-200 $15
201-400 $20
+400 Court

When dealing with Police Officers, they MUST give rank, name and number.

When you are issued a spot fine, you should be given – Form Z69(j) Admission of Guilt.

If you are to pay at a Police Station within 7 days, you should be issued Form 265.

ZRP National Whatsapp hotline number is +263782475000.